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 The Brand Trifecta program is completely different from others out there because of the proven brand messaging methodology behind the program. It is also unique because of the intuitive yet interactive delivery model that you and your client will experience, as well as the robust deliverables and resources you and your client will receive when you all complete the program. The Brand Trifecta program is not another course or DIY program, and it is not a bunch of brand fluff. This is brand pragmatism at its best. This is brand that is the path of least resistance to revenue.

Simply be clear with your clients that the Brand Trifecta program is another tool in your tool belt to serve them. They have engaged you to handle other key initiatives for growing their business, and this program can be a value-add in ensuring those other initiatives are successful. It is wise to also keep in mind that, unless you told your client that you were a brand writing expert, they more than likely know they will need additional expertise to get their brand written in the best possible way. That is where this program comes into play. Let your clients know that you will be their facilitator and strategic advisor throughout this program, and that you will also dig into the details and put pen to paper with them to write the brand. Between your expertise and the content, guidance, and resources that are within this program, you are sure to set your clients up for success.

First, you will make a margin off the price break that I am extending to you as an agency. Your clients will not necessarily know that you are making a margin – but if they did, it is quite possible that they may not even worry about it. Secondly, you can mark up the program even more, above the list price shown on the Brand Trifecta website, by including additional fees to cover your administration and facilitation time. Remember that your clients are paying for your expertise. They are trusting you to take them through the right branding approach that will deliver the right outcomes to move the needle in their organization. So, if they have already engaged you and they are already a client of yours, there is an understood expectation that the client is willing to pay for your time and expertise. Whether you take them through your own branding program or through the Brand Trifecta program, they already understand that they are investing in you because they need your help. So, do not be afraid to mark up the Brand Trifecta program above list price in order to make the margins that you need to succee

 I recommend that you consider marking up the Brand Trifecta program by approximately $200 per hour to cover the time you will spend collaboratively partnering with your client throughout this process. You will be facilitating key conversations, guiding and helping the writing process, and providing critical insights as you discuss the implementation of your client’s brand. All of this is happening with you in the room, and your client is lucky to have you there to help them pull everything together in a strategic way. 

With that in mind, here are a few ballpark numbers you can consider for marking up this program in order to cover your administration and facilitation time. To move through Part One of the Brand Trifecta program with your client, you will spend 4.5 hours. That is three sessions at 90 minutes each. So, at $200 per hour for 4.5 hours, you can mark up Part One of the program by an additional $900. 

After completing Part One of the program, you and your client will have determined how many Brand Trifecta you need to write, and subsequently how many additional sessions you will need to complete for Part Two of the program. Once you determine the number of additional sessions for Part Two, you can mark up the program even more. One Brand Trifecta? That is five 90-minute sessions, for a total of 7.5 hours. At $200 per hour, that is a $1,500 markup to cover your time. Two Brand Trifectas? That is eight 90-minute sessions, for a total of 12 hours and $2,400. Three Brand Trifectas will come out to 10 90-minute sessions, for a total of 15 hours and $3,000. Four Trifectas? 12 90-minute sessions, coming in at 18 hours for a total of $3,600. Finally, if your client is building five Brand Trifectas, that is a total of 21 hours and $4,200. 

If you total these up with the $900 potential markup for Part One of the Brand Trifecta program, you can expect to make an additional $2,400 to $5,100 on top of the price break I already provide to you.

At the end of the day, the choice is up to you in terms of how much you want to mark up the Brand Trifecta program to cover your administration and facilitation time. Just remember: You are their trusted expert, and they want you and need you in that room. So, confidently cover your expenses and make a healthy margin.

Your clients are engaging you because they believe in your capabilities, and they trust that you can help them reach their goals. This holds true with helping them build a brand that is the path of least resistance to revenue. If your clients had wanted to do this on their own, they would have done it already. Or, maybe they have done that and it didn’t work. They are coming to you for a proven process to ensure that they don’t get stuck, do it the wrong way, or leave things undone. The Brand Trifecta program ensures you can help them prevent those pitfalls altogether. 

Here is the truth: Your clients don’t want to go through this process themselves, and that is why they have hired you in the first place. So, you do not need to worry about the difference between the list price on the website versus what you may charge in total. At the end of the day, your client knows they need you to help them build the right brand strategy to grow their organization. So, do not get a case of imposter syndrome here. Stand confidently in the value you bring to the table and state in your proposal the list price of the product, $995 for Part One with a projected range of $2,995 to $3,995 for Part Two, and then line item your cost to facilitate the entire process to ensure they are achieving the right outcomes.

After taking a few clients through the Brand Trifecta program, you may be wondering why you would want to continue to bring future clients through this program, versus doing a similar process on your own. This is a valid question because you bring expertise to the table, and that’s why your clients trust you. Plus, you will learn alongside your clients through the Brand Trifecta program. You will walk away a better brand strategist and writer than before, and that is my goal for this program, ensuring you come through the program with stronger skills in these areas. So, it is reasonable to consider that you may just want to use those newfound skills to run your own type of branding exercise on your own. You can absolutely do that.

However, I have heard time and again from agencies that they desire a structured, streamlined, and proven process that they don’t have to create. They are looking for a turnkey solution that will work each and every time, and will require minimum overhead or process changes on their end to get the client to the desired brand result. They are looking for a tool in their toolkit that also creates positive collaboration and accountability with their clients. They need a program that empowers their clients to think differently about their brand, and how that brand directly ties to their sales and marketing initiatives. These agencies  are looking for a program that sets them up for success each and every time to deliver the best possible outcomes for their clients. That is what the Brand Trifecta program does. This program enables you to take your clients through a systematic process that will also ensure you build a brand that is the path of least resistance to revenue for them, all without the burden of having to do it on your own.

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