This is not another course or DIY product.

The Brand Trifecta is a practical and tactical program that provides the guidance and support you need to complete the brand building process with confidence and speed.


The Brand Trifecta is delivered over a series of 90-minute sessions.
Each session takes you through thoughtfully-structured and interactive brand building exercises that ensure you maintain momentum and achieve the best brand outcomes.

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90-Minute Sessions

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You don’t have to be a writer or brand expert to create a message that delivers revenue results. The interactive videos, resources, and brand examples that are found in each session ensure you can complete your work and get your brand into the world as quickly and effectively as possible.

  • Three (3) 90-Minute Sessions
  • Topics:
    • Brand Presence and Personality
    • Target Audience Refinement and Analysis
    • Brand Architecture Selection
  • Deliverable: 10+ Page Playbook
  • Timeframe: 2 – 3 Weeks (One or Two Sessions Per Week)
  • Five (5) – Fourteen (14) 90-Minute Sessions
  • Topics:
    • Brand Trifecta Methodology
    • Brand Trifecta(s) Writing
    • Brand Trifecta Implementation
  • Deliverable: 10+ Page Playbook
  • Timeframe: 3 – 12 Weeks (One or Two Sessions Per Week)


The Brand Trifecta program consists of two parts. Part One, consisting of three 90-minute branding sessions, takes you through a series of exercises to clarify your brand’s presence and personality, as well as define your ideal target audiences and brand architecture. While three 90-minute sessions may not seem like a lot, these sessions are packed with high-value exercises, content, and resources – all geared at ensuring you develop a strong conviction about how your brand shows up in the world, as well as who you’re going after and why. Next, in Part Two of the Brand Trifecta program, you will go through the structured and thorough process of actually writing your organization’s Brand Trifectas. This is where you put pen to paper and develop the key brand messaging components that will enable you to better attract and engage your ideal buyers. Depending on how many Brand Trifectas you need to write for your organization, between one and five, you will move through another five to 14 90-minute sessions to complete Part Two of the program. Finally, don’t forget that you will decide in Part One of the program how many layers of messaging you need to write, and therefore how many sessions you may need to complete.

 The Brand Trifecta program is delivered over a series of 90-minute branding sessions, with each session structured to deliver the right exercises, content, and resources you need to make significant progress in a short period of time. All sessions include written exercises, instructional videos, as well as interactive videos geared at helping you get unstuck and check your work. This delivery method ensures you maintain momentum and complete the brand building process with confidence and speed. 

Outside of video and written exercises, there are numerous helpful resources provided, including Brand Trifecta examples, writing guides, implementation tips and tricks, and much more.

Finally, the platform itself is built to foster friendly accountability through quick start videos, scheduling reminders, session timers, and other tools that will help you stay on task, move through the work efficiently, and come out the other side with the right brand outcomes for your organization.

 Parts One and Two of the Brand Trifecta cover specific topics that are meant to help you build a brand that will compel your target audiences to engage and ultimately buy. In Part One of the program, you will cover the following topics: brand tone of voice, brand personality traits, brand archetypes. You will also cover target audience refinement, target audience heart pain analysis, brand architecture selection, and finalization on the number of Brand Trifectas you need to write.

In Part Two of the Brand Trifecta program, you will learn the Brand Trifecta methodology, and subsequently you will be taught how to write each piece of that formulaic messaging structure, including your brand’s Tagline, Value Proposition Statement, and Differentiator Statements. If you are building more than one Brand Trifecta, you will also go through the process of writing supporting Brand Trifectas to ensure that your layered messaging effectively communicates to all of your ideal target audiences. Finally, in Part Two of the Brand Trifecta program, you will create an implementation plan to ensure your brand is deployed across all of your sales and marketing channels with purpose and speed.

On average, most people complete Part One of the Brand Trifecta program in only two to three weeks, holding at least one session per week to move through all three sessions. Part Two of the Brand Trifecta program can take anywhere from 3 to 12 weeks, depending on how many Brand Trifectas you need to write, and how many sessions you want to complete each week. 

For example, if you are writing only one Brand Trifecta, you will complete five additional sessions for Part Two of the program. If you hold one session per week, that is five weeks. You can certainly hold more than one session per week. In fact, it is recommended to complete two sessions per week, so the process stays relevant, impactful, and so that it doesn’t drag on forever. However, the pace is up to you. 

If you are writing two Brand Trifectas, plan on completing eight sessions in Part Two over the course of eight weeks. Three Brand Trifectas? That is 10 sessions over 10 weeks, if you opt for one session per week. Four Brand Trifectas? 12 sessions over 12 weeks. Finally, if you plan to build five Brand Trifectas and only wish to hold one session per week, that is 14 sessions over 14 weeks. 

Candidly, most people do not take that long to complete the program. Try to block time on your calendar to hold two sessions per week, if possible, no matter how many Brand Trifectas you are writing. This will really ensure that you can get through the program at a great pace.

The Brand Trifecta program consists of two parts. Part One of the program is delivered over three sessions. In Session One of Part One, you will define your brand’s tone of voice, personality traits, and archetypes. The goal is to give you clarity on how your brand authentically shows up in the world. In Session Two of Part One, you will refine your top target audiences with detailed buyer criteria charts that document core demographics and psychographics – all so that you have a clear picture of what ideal looks like for each of your target audiences. In Session Three of Part One of the program, you will do a deep-dive analysis for each of your top target audiences to uncover and document the bottom-line heart pain you solve for each audience. Finally, during Session Three of Part One, you will leverage the work you have done thus far to make a firm decision on exactly what brand architecture is best for your organization, and subsequently decide exactly how many Brand Trifectas you will need to write in order to better engage your target audiences. 

Part Two consists of between 5 and 14 sessions, depending on how many Brand Trifectas you are writing, one to five respectively. Session One of Part Two walks you through the Brand Trifecta method and teaches you the formulaic messaging structure that you will use to build your brand. Plus, you will begin the writing process in Session One. Sessions Two through Four of Part Two enable you to complete the writing process for your Brand Trifecta. From there, if you have purchased only one Brand Trifecta, you will complete one final session, Session Five, where you will walk through a comprehensive implementation session. That is your time to effectively plan how you will deploy your brand  message across all of your sales and marketing channels. If you have purchased more than one Brand Trifecta, you will instead move from Session Four, where you completed your first Brand Trifecta, into a series of additional writing-intensive sessions where you will complete your other Brand Trifectas. Once those Brand Trifectas are written, you will complete your final session, focused on brand implementation.

So, whether you are writing one or five Brand Trifectas, the program is built to ensure you come through the other side with strong conviction about who you are and how your brand shows up in the world, who you are going after and why, and how many layers of brand messaging you need to build. Plus, it will give you the confidence to write and implement your Brand Trifecta message in such a way that it truly is the path of least resistance to revenue.

Good news. There is no homework that you must complete during this program. Seriously. Simply log into each session in the program and complete the work right then and there. After each session, you will be able to immediately download an updated draft of your playbook, ensuring you have the latest insights at your fingertips.

Finally, it should be noted that there is also no pre-work for this program. In fact, there is nothing you need to fill out or upload prior to starting. The only requirement is to come caffeinated and hydrated, and ready to focus on your brand!

 Before starting the program, it is recommended that you gather whatever brand statements or insights you may have already developed. For example, consider having your brand Values, Vision Statement, and Mission Statement on hand. Also bring current versions of your Tagline, your Value Proposition Statement, and your Differentiator Statements. Finally, if you have developed target audience profiles or buyer personas for your brand, please be sure to have that information ready to go before starting the program.

 This is a writing-intensive program, and that means you will be supported every step of the way as you learn how to write, revise, and finalize your brand messaging. Not only will you be taught through a series of videos, but you will also have interactive video content to help you get unstuck. Finally, the program provides a robust resources section that includes numerous brand examples, helpful writing guides, and so much more. You are not in this alone. The Brand Trifecta program is built to help you become a stronger writer and ensure you come through this process with a brand that is the path of least resistance to revenue for your organization.

 For both Parts One and Two of the Brand Trifecta Program, you will receive a 10+ page playbook that documents all of your strategies, outcomes, and next steps from the program. These PDF playbooks are incredibly easy to leverage across your sales and marketing initiatives, and the contents can be inserted into your existing brand guidelines, as well as other key sales and marketing documentation that you may have for your organization.

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